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Full Planning

Full Planning

This service is the all-inclusive package for weddings! There from the very beginning, our full wedding planning service offers you complete peace of mind from the moment you say ‘yes’ to moment you say ‘I do.’ We are here to ensure your big day remains captivated in the hearts of you and your loved ones for years to come.

Co-ordinate the day from the word go
Organise a venue and help you set the date
Arrange the design and styling, from floristry to invitation artwork
Source a network of great contacts for you
Tailor make your wedding day

Our aim is to provide an exclusive design process for couples who want to make their dream location a reality by supporting you every step of the way.

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Partial Planning

Partial Planning

This service allows you to rest in the knowledge that we are here to help you bring together the final pieces of the puzzle. Partial planning is provided for those of you who have been organised and proactive with the majority of aspects but need help pulling it all together. In the months leading up to your big day we will assist by bringing clarity back to your overall vision.

Collaborate and develop the ideas you have so far
Offer helpful advice and hints without taking the reins
Adjusting the finer details ensuring nothing is overlooked
Supply you with our network of great contacts
Tie all the loose ends together

This package can be completely tailored to suit your requirements and budget.

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Design & Styling

Design & Styling

For this service we will put all our effort in to the design and implementation of your wedding theme. This can begin with your engagement party right up to the big day, where we will focus specifically on the aesthetics.

Create a wedding theme as individual as you
Offer a team of innovative and creative suppliers to help bring your ideas to life
Assist and manage the design and decoration of your venue
Supply you with a design brief and the contacts to make it happen
Tailor the final details to suit your wedding design

Collaborating closely with other suppliers on the day, we can ensure everything looks perfect leaving no rose out of place or ribbon untied.

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Venue & Supplier Sourcing

Venue & Supplier Sourcing

This is the ideal service for helping you to get started with planning your event. From a family birthday celebration right up to planning the big day, we can point you in the right direction of suitable venues. Setting the date and booking the big features can seem daunting but we are here to help facilitate stress-free planning.

Correspond with a variety of venues on your behalf
Organise a venue and help you set the date
Answer the all important questions you might have for the venue and suppliers
Shortlist venue locations to help you find the perfect place
Talk to all the necessary people and offer a coordination service

Whether you need a single hour or weeks of assistance we are here to get you started.

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On The Day Co-ordination

On The Day Co-ordination

This is the  time where you can ‘pass the buck’ onto someone else and not feel guilty about it. We understand that some couples love the process of planning their own wedding (as we do to)! However, when it comes down to the actual day and you’re ready to enjoy all  the hard work you have put in, the last thing you want to be doing is managing your caterers and guests.

Co-ordinating a seamless transition from day to night
Oversee the whole day from dawn til dusk
Allow you to relax and enjoy the atmosphere of your big day
Smooth out any last-minute complications behind the scenes
Tailor the final details to suit your design for the day

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For those of you who want to plan and manage your own wedding or event but need a bit of assistance along the way, the consultancy package offers one to one guidance. We will  provide support and a network of suppliers that can steer  you in the right  direction of how to achieve your vision.

Consult with you on your ideas
Offer you individual event planning consultations
Answer any logistical questions you might have
Steer you in the right direction to source suppliers
Time is precious so we are here to help make plans more efficient

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Mix 'n' Match

Mix 'n' Match

Our Mix ‘n’ Match service allows you to bring elements from any of our services together  and create your own unique service. You may  need a helping hand  setting up on  the morning of your wedding or guidance on what to ask your suppliers  prior to the big 3-0 birthday bonanza, either way we are here for you.

Confirm exactly what we can do to help
Offer you individual event planning consultations
Assist with sourcing the right suppliers to suit your event
Solve any queries you might have
Take your vision to the next level

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Outdoor Extravaganza's

Outdoor Extravaganza's

Outdoor weddings and events  are Coast  Creations speciality. Based in  one of the most beautiful places in the world we want to show you how you can utilise the amazing outdoors to host your  ownelebrations.

Coastal venues are what inspired our passion and let us to excel in outdoor extravaganza’s
Our beautiful locations provide a variety of exquisite destinations from beaches to gardens
Allow you to celebrate in a destination that seems almost inaccessible
Supply you with suppliers who specialise in outdoor events
Tipis and marquees are available for you and your guests to dance the night away

All event packages come with a free no obligation consultation, get in touch today.